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Setting the standard for the highest quality hemp products.

A complete turnkey offering. 

Create your own hemp retail line.  

  • Are you an existing business looking to add high quality Hemp CBD products to your product offerings?  
  • Interested in starting a business in the explosive CBD market and looking for a partner with great quality, pricing and low minimums
  • Looking for a trusted supplier with a robust product offering to replace or augment your current offerings? 
Pure Health Products is positioned to provide exceptional service to businesses of all sizes and budgets. We can provide competitive pricing for the largest customers and provide an attainable minimums for small to mid size start ups that allows them to provide exceptional product at a price that encourages companies growth.
Why Pure Health Products?

Pure Health Products, LLC is a leader in the formulation and manufacturing  of Hemp derived CBD products. Our team of formulators and chemists have  been pioneers and innovators contributing to the evolution of the hemp industry. 



3rd party Lab tested for purity and accuracy


Harvested from our own hemp farms.


No artificial ingredients, non GMO, Vegan


GMP Compliant

Manufacturing excellence. ISO 9001 and GMP compliant


Diversify your product line with low MOQ's.


Speed to marker with out rapid turn-around

Manufacturing Excellence.

In our state of the art facility we can private label our existing line of products for your company  or our formulators can custom formulate products designed to address your target market and the goals of your company.

Message From the President

Thank you for your interest in our business. We are passionate about  the power of CBD and the benefits it delivers to one’s health and the potential to improve the quality of life of those who use it.  

Our mission is to deliver a product that delivers consistent results and is of the highest quality so you will be confident putting your name on the label knowing your customers will recognize that dedication to quality and remain loyal to your brand 

We started Pure Health Products in 2016 with the vision of providing the finest CBD products on the market. 

In order to see our vision brought to fruition, we researched every aspect of the business. We put together a supply chain that brought together the finest ingredients as well as  a team of chemists and formulators to design our products. We then built a state of the art manufacturing facility that meets or exceeds GMP and ISO 9001 standards to ensure that the combination of ingredients and design were further enhanced by best practice processes and state of the art equipment .

Our products can meet the needs of most budgets without compromising quality or the integrity of the product. 

We bring state of the art manufacturing capabilities and proprietary processes that  include our water soluble CBD Isolate that allows for use in greater number of products and applications  and our nano CBD products that improve bioavailability as much as 10x compared to most competitive products to give your products an advantage in the marketplace, a variety of quality products to offer your customers.

We hope that you develop the same level of pride about your private label company choice as we do making you these fine products


Pat Ferro